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Hertrich GmbH Elektronic Development and Manufacturing


Hertrich GmbH offers manufacturing services to all ranges of demands. We realize your electronic developments same as we do with our own. No matter if prototype or serial production, our electronic manufacturing department secures highest quality on your demand.


  • THT (through-hole-technology) handcraft with experienced craftmanship

  • Hand- and wave-soldering with own wave soldering line

    • Fluxer

    • Pre-heating

    • Double wave (SMD on soldering side) with chipwave

  • SMD (surface-mounted-device) manufacturing with own Reflow assembly Line

    • 10.000 placements per hour

    • four nozzles

    • parts from type 01005 to 100mm

  • Custom made conformal coating and grouting of  assembly groups and components

  • Huge stock of standard components

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